Food Shack: Barbecue Restaurant in Lagos

Popular Barbecue Restaurant in Lagos

 Food Shack is a popular barbecue restaurant in Lagos and a go-to spot for delicious barbecue coupled with wings, ribs, burgers, etc., as they’ve been consistent over the years. Our recent visit during Mastercard Restaurant Week was an amazing adventure that we can’t wait to share. 

The space of Food Shack is cosy and inviting, with a touch of greenery and natural light. This spot is perfect for a casual date.

Barbecue restaurant in Lagos
Barbecue restaurant in Lagos

During Mastercard Restaurant Week, Food Shack fell under the savvy dining restaurant category, and they had a really captivating menu that seemed like good value for money, and we weren’t disappointed when we got there.

We tried out:
  • Rib Tray: What we had in mind to try out was their Jerk Island Tray, but we got there quite late, and it was temporarily out of stock. We had to alternate with the rib tray, and we had no regrets. The ribs were juicy, and the fries were crispy and fluffy! The meal was great.
  • Biscoff Dream: We had this as dessert, and it was yummy! It was a  combination of cookies, ice cream, and biscuits as toppings, ideal for those with a sweet tooth. 

The meal arrived in just 15 minutes, meeting the estimated wait time of about 25–30 minutes, according to the waitstaff who attended to us. 

Barbecue restaurant in Lagos
Food shack

Overall, the service was good, and the meal tasted as we expected it to. The only issue we had was the amount they charged us for tax; it was on the high side. 

Total cost: N11,000
  • Ribs Tray & Biscoff Dream: N9,000
  • Bag and Box: N1,000
  • Service Charge (10%): 1,000

You can view their restaurant menu here: FOOD SHACK MENU

If you’re looking for a great barbecue restaurant in Lagos, Food Shack is the answer, and we totally recommend it. 

📍 32 Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos


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