Local Food Spots on the Mainland

Where to get Nigerian Delicacies on the Mainland

If you’re on the mainland and you crave local Nigerian meals occasionally, this post will be your guide on where to find them. We’ve curated a list of local food spots on the mainland that have won our hearts over time. Check out these spots we’ve visited, listed in no specific order. 

   1. Kulture Yard

Kulture Yard is situated in a serene environment in Ikeja. It has a welcoming ambience, with rustic decor and is best visited during the evening. They offer a variety of local southern Nigerian dishes and are really affordable.

Budget: N10,000-N15,000 per head

📍 2b Abba Johnson Crescent, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja

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   2.Reme Bistro

Remé Bistro is a traditional-themed restaurant in Surulere; be sure to expect more Yoruba traditional food on their menu. The meals here are really affordable, They are focused on authentic Nigerian dishes, so expect amala, pounded yam, ofada, and many more.

Budget: N4,000-N7,000 Per head 

📍 53 Iyun Road, Surulere

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   3.Omoroy Cuisine

Omoroy Cuisine is an affordable fast food restaurant in Yaba that specializes in a mix of Nigerian delicacies and has a variety to choose from. It  is a cute spot that works well for a budget-friendly casual date. 

Budget: N4,000-N6,000 Per head 

📍 273 Borno Way, Adekunle, Yaba

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   4.Ile Iyan

Ile Iyan is the perfect spot for mainlanders seeking home-made food, especially pounded yam and efo riro or egusi soup. They also offers other local meals like Native rice, Boli, etc., This spot is perfect for a casual date with friends or you can opt for takeout if the spot gets crowded upon your arrival.

 Budget: N8,000-N10,000 Per head

 📍29 Isaac John Street, Ikeja

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   5.Backroom Café

Backroom Café is a hidden gem in Magodo Phase 2. This spot is mainly for people who like the nightlife, with good food to compliment the experience. If you’re craving hot peppersoup that gives value for money, Backroom Café is the place to be! Nonetheless, they have a variety of Nigerian meals on their menu. 

 Budget: N10,000- N15,000 Per head

📍 1 Parker Close, off Emmanuel Keshi Street, Magodo Phase 2, Lagos

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Fellow mainlanders, If you intend on satisfying your taste buds with authentic Nigerian dishes, here are a few local food spots on the mainland you can visit without breaking the bank. 

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