Remé Bistro:Traditional-Themed Restaurant in Surulere

There’s a new restaurant in Surulere!

Dear Lagosians, I mean, the mainlanders… There’s a new traditional-themed restaurant in Surulere!

Meanwhile, we noticed the energy put into mainland restaurants these days; it’s really impressive, and we’re always ready to check them out!

Today is for Remé Bistro, a new traditional-themed restaurant in Surulere, Lagos. 

Remé Bistro is a traditional-themed restaurant in Surulere; be sure to expect traditional food on their menu.

We really liked the cultural decor used for this restaurant and the local snacks served as appetisers. It was nostalgic.

New Traditional themed restaurant in Surulere
New Traditional themed restaurant in Surulere

Before we get to add! The meals here are really affordable, automatically making it a budget-friendly spot added to our list. They are focused on authentic Nigerian dishes, so expect Amala, pounded yam, Ofada, and many more.

Could also be a good spot to chill with friends as they have games like Ludo, chess, scrabble, and jenga which can be played while they make your food. After our visit, we found that they also have karaoke- imagine our tears! We missed out on that one.

The taste of their food is authentic naija, think abula but in a fresh setting.

Local food spot on the mainland
Local food spot in Surulere
We had their
  • Ofada Rice and Ayamase Sauce
  • Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup (tasted more like a Yoruba woman’s Egusi)
  • Efo Riro and Eba
  • Village Jollof Rice
  • Amala and Abula
  • Natural Juice (Zobo, Pineapple and Beetroot)

We are emphasising the taste of the food again; it had the naija taste as it should, and everything was on point. 

Reme Bistro serves as a lounge in the evening; aside from the local food and natural juices sold there, they have a variety of cocktails, mocktails, and +18 drinks sold there.

For cocktails, we had Cherry Coco, and it tasted alright.

Budget: 4K-7k Per head 

You can view the restaurant menu here: REME BISTRO MENU

📍53 Iyun Road, Surulere




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