Traditional Restaurant in Lekki, Lagos

Native Tray: Our Favourite Local Food Spot on the Island

There is a local, or, let’s say, traditional, restaurant in Lekki that serves authentic Nigerian traditional food, especially southern delicacies called Native Tray. 

Native Tray is a spot in Lekki Phase 1 that offers varieties of Nigerian Traditional meals, focusing more on the South-South dishes, so think Fisherman soup, Banga Soup, Bole, fish, and the like. 

This restaurant is quite spacious, and to make things even better, they have an outdoor, private dining, and indoor dining area, so you have the option to sit wherever matches your vibe. The restaurant has a rustic contemporary design, and they also have traditional games to keep you company while your food arrives.

traditional restaurant in lekki
traditional restaurant in lekki

Interestingly, Native Tray is one of our favourite spots for local food, and we’ve tried out their food a couple of times and even visited more than once.

During our first visit, We tried out their:
  • Fisherman’s Soup with Starch; N9,000
  • Grilled Catfish with roasted Bole; N9,000
  • Afang soup and fufu; N7,500

 Every meal we had on our first visit was one to remember. 

native tray
native tray
traditional restaurant in lekki
traditional restaurant in lekki

We checked out Native Tray for the second time because we are in a long-term relationship with enjoyment. This time, we went for light bites and cocktails

The names of the cocktails here are pretty interesting; I love that they added details of what the cocktails are made up of on the menu, which made placing our order super easy. 

We tried out:
  • Bride Price: Bride price is titled Long Island and would suit you better if you like your cocktail strong; think cola and vodka 
  • Shoot your shot; Shoot your shot came with fire drama, which we liked; it also has beer in it, and I’m sure this one is for the 30+ men.
  • Tipsy Tea: Tipsy tea was our favourite; it looked beautiful and, more importantly, would get you tipsy!

We had enjoyed our cocktails, and we loved how they infused our local drinks into their cocktails. 

Our overall experience with Native Tray was good, and we’ll recommend it if you want to give yourself a treat.

If you’re looking for a traditional restaurant in Lekki, visit Native Tray and thank us later.

Check out our previous blog post for a traditional restaurant on the mainland.

Budget: N15K and above

You can view the restaurant menu here: NATIVE TRAY MENU

They deliver within Lagos, and you can also visit their restaurant at 19 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1. 

Contact number: 08185550000


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