12 Inch Baguette; Budget-Friendly Spot in Ikeja, Lagos.

Looking for a budget-friendly spot in Ikeja, Lagos?

We’re not leaving the mainland out of our food and enjoyment adventure because there are a lot of amazing places to visit all over. We discovered this budget-friendly spot in Ikeja, Lagos, where you can visit during the early hours of the evening.

budget friendly spot in ikeja
outdoor dine-in spot

12 Inch Baguette just recently opened an outlet in Ikeja; it is a budget-friendly outdoor dining spot located at 40b Dosunmu Close, Ikeja GRA! Their island outlet at Landmark Beach Oniru has been a staple, but this spot in Ikeja brings a better vibe and experience, especially in the evenings, because they have this gorgeous lighting setup that just sets the mood!

Let’s dig into the food.

At 12 Inch Baguette, all the meals are freshly made, and the wait time is approximately 20–30 minutes or more, depending on the quantity of your food, as the food and drinks are prepared upon order. They do well with light eats, and their menu varies from French toast, toasties, cheese melts, tacos, fresh juices, parfaits, smoothies, baguettes, etc., and even the option to make your own baguette! (select ingredients)

Budget friendly spot in Ikeja
budget friendly spot
We had their;
  • Cinnamon French Toast: This particular French toast is for people with a sweet tooth. It had banana, Oreo, and chocolate syrups as toppings, which was really nice.
  • Philly Steak Tacos: It seemed like they had a special recipe for these tacos because they tasted so nice and unique.
  • Cheesy Beef Steak Baguette: From the name of this spot, we can tell this is the main item on their menu. This baguette was loaded with every ingredient needed.

They didn’t compromise on the size of the baguette; it was as though we were in a café in Paris; it could serve two people, and it tasted good as well. 

For Drinks;
  • We had their strawberry and chocolate bubble tea, and they both tasted so good and were served really chilled. One thing I liked about the drinks was that they weren’t sugary or too sweet.
outdoor dine-in spot
Budget friendly spot in Ikeja

There’s just this positive energy that 12-inch baguette staff have, and the majority of them are female. I’d give them a thumbs up for their customer service, as their staff was really attentive and polite.

It’s a chilled spot in Ikeja, although the address is quite tricky on Google Maps, and we had to ask people for the exact location, but you’ll figure it out.  I’d advise you to visit during the early hours of the evening if you want to dine in.

A budget of N8k–N10k per head here should do.

You can view the restaurant menu here: 12 INCH BAGUETTE MENU

This is a budget-friendly spot in Ikeja you should try out.

Total spend, and this was enough for 3 people.
  • Cinnamon French Toast Sticks-4,500
  • Philly Steak Tacos- 4,500
  • Cheesy beef Steak baguette -5700
  • Strawberry bubble tea – 3,500
  • Chocolate bubble tea -3,500
📍 40B Oba Dosunmu Close, Ikeja, GRA  


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