Fine Dining Restaurant in VI: Taj Restaurant

Looking for a great fine-dining experience?

There’s a new restaurant in Lagos every single week; we discovered a fine dining restaurant in VI, and we’re here for it! 

I mean, you’ll always find us exploring new dining experiences! We checked out Taj Restaurant, a new fine dining restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos and we went there hungry 🙂

Interestingly, we’ve always known that Taj Restaurant operated in Abuja, so we were very happy to see that they expanded to Lagos.

As we all know, most new spots in Lagos focus more on the ambiance of their space and leave out delivering on the quality of the food, and vice versa, but I think Taj Restaurant and Bar made a good effort to balance the two parts—a fine dining restaurant indeed! While we think the food is good, their cocktails deserve even better applause! 

Taj Restaurant; Fine Dining Restaurant
For meals, we had:
  • Prawn Tempura Spicy Maki: Who doesn’t like crispy, COOKED sushi? The sushi was crunchy, delicious, and beautifully plated.
  • Seafood Rice served with Plantains: A decent meal, it had enough seafood and plantains to win me over, and the taste was also unique; for me, it tilted towards tasting more like a Nigerian rice dish.
  • And lastly, we had the lamb cutlets. This was an open kitchen experience as the chef cooked right in front of us, soft life! The experience and paparazzi were worth it. We felt the seasoning on the lamb cutlet was a tad too much, but the gravy tasted good and the meat was well cooked.  
Taj Restaurant; Fine Dining Restaurant
Fine Dining experience

Victoria Island has gained another beautiful space because this restaurant is gorgeous!  It’s big with multiple sections and has a formal dining feel to it, which makes it great for special occasions like a fancy date night or even a birthday dinner with friends! 

The service for us was also decent! The waitstaff seemed polite, helpful, and professional.

One key thing I have to point out is their signature cocktails! We had Raspberry Martini and Blue Havana cocktails; This was my first time having blue cherries in a cocktail, and boy do I love it! For me, the drinks were impressive, and I highly recommend these two cocktails. The bartender was also a vibe!

Taj Restaurant; Fine Dining Restaurant in VI
Fine Dining experience
Total Cost (at the time of our visit)
  • Lamb Cutlets: N26,000
  • Seafood Rice: N13,000
  • Prawn Tempura Spicy Maki: N10,500
  • Blue Havana: N8,000
  • Raspberry Martini: N8,000

You can view the restaurant menu here: TAJ RESTAURANT MENU

If you plan to go to Taj Restaurant and Bar, it’s important to note that they have a minimum spend of N25,000 and a dressing policy.(Visit their page for more details, Click here) We also recommend reservations! 

So if you’re up for an interesting dining experience at a fine dining restaurant in VI, Lagos, then you know where to go!

📍1064 Agbagbon Close, Victoria Island, Lagos


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