VSP Restaurant and Lounge: Restaurant in Ikeja

 Latest Addition to the Mainland Restaurant List

Hey mainland foodies, there’s a new restaurant in town you need to check out. VSP Lagos is a restaurant in Ikeja that has been the latest talk on the gram with its captivating ambience and delicious meals. 

As we stepped into VSP Lagos, we were struck by the ambience, It’s stylish and modern, and it’s everything we’ve been looking for in a restaurant on the mainland. They sure did a thing with the aesthetics of this restaurant. If you’re a girlie who loves to take pictures and create memories, this restaurant is the place to be. 

The Food

It wasn’t just the aesthetics that left us in awe, the meals we had stole the show. We love how they incorporated both Nigerian and Intercontinental meals into their menu to suit every tastebud. We got to try both and these are the meals we had;

  • Crab Cake and Butterfly Prawns: We had these as starters and we totally recommend them!
  • Baked Salmon and Mashed Potato: This meal was the star of the show. The salmon and mashed potatoes were a burst of flavours; they were deliciously seasoned and cooked to perfection.
  • Egusi Soup and Poundo: The Egusi Soup was delicious, it had a lot of proteins in it and the portion was great. It was indeed good value for money.
  • Crepe Cheese Cake, Brownie, and Vanilla Ice Cream: These were the desserts we had that were the perfect sweet endings to our meals and left us craving more. If you love strawberries, the crepe cheese cake is just the best choice for you. 


For drinks, we had a couple of cocktails that hit the right spot. If you’re lightheaded, kindly inform the waitstaff before proceeding to place your order.

You can view their restaurant menu here: VSP LAGOS MENU

Restaurant in Ikeja

If you’ve been searching for a restaurant in Ikeja to enjoy a fine-dining experience, VSP Lagos is the place to go. Additionally, if you’re looking for an ultimate nightlife experience, their rooftop bar is the perfect spot for all the fun. Go and see for yourself what all the hype is about. 

 Budget: N30,000-N40,000 per head

📍84 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja.


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