A Must-Visit Museum in Lagos

A Visit to the Nigeria Railway Corporation/Legacy Mini Museum: Jaekel House

Another fun and educational place to visit in Lagos is the Jaekel House, Legacy Railway Museum in Lagos. 

This mini-museum, located in Ebute Metta, houses historical facts and features of the railway system in Nigeria, before independence and how it evolved. The Jaekel House is a two-story building built in 1898, hence over 150 years old, and was the official residence of the first general manager of the Railway Corporation in Nigeria. It was named after the late Francis Jaekel OBE, a former superintendent of the Nigeria Railway Corporation who retired in the 1970s after 27 years of service.

In 2010, the building was renovated by Professor John Godwin the founding father of ‘ Legacy1995’ a Non Governmental Organization. Their objective is to protect and conserve historical buildings and monuments in Nigeria and provide a legacy for future generations. This building is now a mini museum, displaying photo collections spanning from the 1940s to the 1970s. It features archives of individuals, locations, and historical occurrences in Nigeria before and after independence. Additionally, it accommodates artefacts such as tools, equipment, attire, pictures, etc. from the former railway corporation.

Legacy Museum
Museum in Lagos

Beyond being a museum, the Jaekel House is also a versatile venue for films, photo shoots, picnics, and even weddings. In essence, the Legacy Railway Museum is both a historical archive and a dynamic space for various cultural and artistic activities.  

The Jaekel house is indeed a historical house. A visit to this museum is a must if you’re in Lagos or plan on visiting Lagos. It holds a lot of knowledgeable information about  independence in Nigeria and also the genesis of the railway transportation system in Nigeria.

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📍 17 Federal Road, Ebutte Metta, Lagos

Access Fee: N1,500


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