Affordable Fast Food in Lekki

Chop Chop: Restaurant Review

Whenever we find affordable spots on the island, we do not hesitate to check them out because who doesn’t like good deals? We stopped by at a fast food spot on the island that happens to be one of the most affordable fast food in Lekki we’ve tried out

Chop Chop is a fast food spot in Lekki Phase 1 that sells light bites and we’re here to let the cat out of the bag. They have a food caravan where pickups and deliveries are being attended to and also an outdoor dining space for dining in. 

We loved how spacious the dine in area was, it was serene and airy. It’s more suitable to dine in during the early hours of the evening as it is an open dining space and might be too hot during a sunny day.

Affordable fast food in Lekki
Affordable fast food in Lekki

We placed our order and the meals arrived right in time. Wait time was about 10-15 minutes, everything was served fresh.

We tried out
  • Puff Puff: The puff puffs were hot and freshly made. They were coated with cinnamon sugar and were well packaged. Sweet tooth lovers, you’d definitely love these puff puffs
  • Classic Cheese Burger: The burger tasted really nice. The burger was juicy, they were generous with their cheese, the buns were soft, and we totally enjoyed it!
  • Pulled Goat Wrap: This was definitely not regular as their bread was specially made, and the difference was clear. This was more like a healthy meal for team ‘fit fam’ The content of the wrap was rich and we also loved it.

We just felt the sizes were a bit small but were satisfied because they all tasted good.

The customer service was top notch. The staff were friendly and polite, our meals arrived on time too.

Chop Chop
Affordable fast food in Lekki
Total Cost: N9,800
  • Puff Puff: N1,700
  • Classic Cheese Burger: N3,400
  • Pulled Goat Wrap: N3,100
  • Ribena: N800
  • Pulpy Orange: N600

View the restaurant menu here: CHOP CHOP MENU

Budget: N3,500-N5,000

📍15 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1


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