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Zaza Lagos: Our Experience

Zaza Restaurant and Lounge is the “IT” spot for dining and entertainment for the elite in Lagos, if you’re thinking of a fun, upscale restaurant and lounge in Lagos then Zaza is the place to go but rest assured, it’s not cheap 😀

They’ve taken upscale dining to a whole new level, offering not just the meal but also an unforgettable experience with lots of fun entertainment. Service here is very good, entertainment is mindblowing and the meals are enjoyable. 

zaza lagos
zaza lagos

We also had a lush dining session at Zaza because we only live once and got to explore their menu with a variety of dishes.

During our visit, we had:
  • Lamb Tacos: This was the star of the starters we had. The lamb tacos were wrapped in tortillas with a combination of well-seasoned, soft, and succulent lamb chunks. We totally recommend
  • Prawn and Calamari Tempura: While the prawn calamari tempura may not have fully won our hearts, it was a good pair with sweet potatoes, complemented by a sweet and spicy dip. 
  • Jerk Lamb Chops: This was well cooked, tasted really nice, and was well portioned. The size of the lamb chops was commendable.
  • Prawn of Lagos: this meal stole the spotlight. Cooked to perfection, and the taste is an 8/10. If you love grilled prawns, this should be your go-to dish. 

Zaza Lagos also has a list of interesting drinks and here is what we tried out in no particular order:

  • Daiquiri
  • Chocolate Negroni
  • Superstar Margarita
  • Honolulu Honey
  • Passion Mojito
upscale restaurant
zaza lagos
Total Cost;
  • Lamb Tacos: N12,000
  • Prawns and Calamari Tempura: N12,500
  • Jerk Lamb Chops: N24,500
  • Prawn of Lagos: N15,000
  • Daiquiri: N11,000
  • Chocolate Negroni: N11,000
  • Superstar Margarita: N11,000
  • Honolulu Honey:N11,000
  • Passion Mojito: N11,000


You can view the restaurant menu here: ZAZA LAGOS MENU

The doors of Zaza Lagos are open by 7 p.m., and if you plan on visiting during the early hours of the night, a budget of N40,000-N50,000 should do. However, if your aim is to indulge in the nightlife at Zaza Lagos, brace yourself for a minimum spend of N80,000 – N100,000. 

If you’re in Lagos or planning a visit and have some extra cash to splurge on a luxurious, upscale restaurant, spending an evening at Zaza Lagos is the ultimate decision to make. They’ll give you the best night out experience! 

 📍19 Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island,Lagos. 


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