Top 9 Instagrammable Restaurants in Lagos

Good food + good pictures = Amazing hangout!

There’s a reason restaurants put in that extra effort into their photogenic spaces to give you a mind-blowing experience. This is because everyone likes an instagrammable restaurant (except you, maybe). By instagrammable, I mean picture perfect. I’m just yet to add this word to my dictionary 😁.

Are you the kind of Lagosian who hunts down the most visually exciting restaurant with an enticing menu? Well, not too worry, Bella’s got you!

I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite instagrammable restaurants in Lagos. So get ready to get your phones out when you visit, lean close and make our frenemies or haters salivate over the meals.


1. My Konos On the roof If you haven’t heard of this restaurant, then I doubt you reside in Lagos, lol 🙃. Mykonos inspired restaurant, all blue and white to give you that greek-santorini feel. This restaurant has a catchy design and is just so beautiful, it stands out and pops blue and white.

Huanhan Nh

2. Huahan Korean Restaurant One of the best Korean restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria. Not only is this spot super Insta-worthy, but the food is actually delicious and prepared right in front of you. The decorations are traditional, it’s truly a korean getaway.


3. Danfo Bistro– Breath taking aesthetics, you’ll find yourself wallowing in the it’s beauty. Peculiar view with Lagos written all over it. Did I forget to mention that they have an intriguing menu?


4. Bolivar BarArtsy space with perfect evening lighting. Has a lovely sunset view. This is the best spot for the night crawlers, hats off for you all!

5. Crepaway Looking for a modern restaurant to chill with your crew, then this should be your go to guys. I love the aesthetics and design simplicity, classy. Their pasta is also delicious!

Vanila Moon

6. Vanilla Moon– offers a chic and elegant interior with a foliage-adorned exterior. To top the eye-catching surroundings, you’ll find a menu of unique eats and cocktails. There’s a set of lovely and bright moons, super catchy.


7. Foodshack Simple and classy, another insta-worthy spot. Foodshack has an enticing and unique space, modern and subtle. They have an array of mouth watering meals and drinks. A must visit!

Thai Thai

8. Thai Thai Gorgeous traditional thai restaurant with a lovely evening view. It’s my go to for a romantic dinner.

9. Woks & Koi Perfect for a group hangout with a contemporary Chinese look and feel. A tip, please try out their Singapore noodles, you’ll love it!

Now go ye forth and get us those lovely instagram feed pics 😁😆

Have you been to any of these restaurants, what was your experience like?






Photo Credits: Bella and staring restaurants.


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