Top 5 fun spots to visit this season!

The groove period is upon us, The countdown to our coveted detty December!

Are you visiting lagos this Yuletide season? As an enjoyment scientist👩‍🔬, I’ve put together a list of some fun places you might want to visit. Let’s talk fun activities, shall we? 😉

1. Upbeat: This has to be the top on my list! Who doesn’t like trampoline bouncing! Located in Lekki Phase 1, Upbeat is a recreation centre with trampoline bouncing as one of their main activities, it’s a great spot to visit with the crew cuz you’ll have fun and burn some calories while at it! The entrance fee is on an hourly basis, and trust me when I say one hour of trampoline bouncing is enough, well except you are an Olympic athlete… or modern family’s Phill Dunphy.


2. Nike Art Gallery: If I had a trophy for everytime I’ve visited this place, I’d probably rival Serena Williams (hehe). It’s all about art admiration over here, being one of the top gallery in Lagos, you’ll find an array of beautiful works that would keep you enticed all through your visit! Just exquisite!


3. Lekki conservation centre (Canopy walk): This centre celebrates nature and is a really cool place to visit. However I’ll put my focus on the canopy walk, it’s an eccentric experience, you’d love this if you like doing crazy things lol. The canopy walk is legit crazy, but fun. Had the walk twice and you can be sure that I felt closest to my creator in that place, but I had a good time and I think I’ll summon the courage for a third visit! They have the longest canopy walk in Africa, oh and if you plan to visit, be careful with your food, those monkeys can be unfortunate fellas!


4. Rufus & Bees: Looking for an arcade spot then these should be your go to guys. Located at Twin towers, Rufus and bees is one of the best arcade in Lagos with a wide range of fun games, and a nice spot for drinks and chills. In summary, it’s a fun house, there’s so much to do from snooker games to bowling to shooting em’ up and other fun table games. It’s perfect for work bonding (if you have a small team o) and chills with the besties. There are also restaurants at Twin tower in case you want to have a classic meal afterwards.


5. Omu Resort: Located towards Epe, Omu resort is a fun spot for really big group hangouts, with your colleagues or extended family. The bigger, the merrier, if visiting omu resort, I’ll recommend planning your activities ahead and of course going there with your meals and drinks. There’s a zoo at Omu resort with a lion, and a lot of birds including the ostrich, a nice sight.


Here are some excerpts of a girl flexing life 😂😂😂

Have you been to these fun spots? If no, when are you visiting? Detty December is upon us guys 🏃‍♀️😉




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