Girls Lunch at Crepaway Nigeria, VI, Lagos.​

To think I’ve always driven past Crepaway Nigeria, and never added it to my Restaurant wishlist until last week (it’s my village people ooo). Scheduled a hangout with my girls to do a catch up and gist as we had not seen each other in a while, as the foodie in the midst, I was tasked with picking the restaurant and I delivered as usual, 😁. Crepaway is located at Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island , Lagos. It’s a contemporary restaurant with an elegant touch, perfect for group hangouts or even a dinner with that special someone. They have a kid area too incase you would like to have a nice time with your family. Let’s dive right in to the review!


The Food

If you ever visit Crepaway, please have their chicken wings, you’ll come back with testimonies, delicious is an understatement. It had just the right taste, the barbecue sauce is lit! The Bang Bang chicken was also very nice. I think their chicken is the 💣 honestly .

Can’t say same for the Italian job burger 🍔 tho, the name is quite intriguing but it was just average, I couldn’t pin any unique taste, the beef was well cooked but that was it guys, wasn’t blown away. The Crepaway club 🥪 is just for the fitfam people in the house, avocado and stuff, not my favourite dish. But their Tagliatelle Al pollo is delicious, I love the fact that they give the Parmesan cheese in a side bowl so I can do the sprinkling and eating 😉.

The Drinks

Cocktail o’clock! Time for drinks review guys!
During my visit to @CrepawayNigeria We had 1. Strawberry Daiquiri, a classic! I’ll recommend this cocktail any day, if you are a sweet tooth and don’t want a hangover (yes, people like us can get messed up too from cocktails, have you had the Long Island 👀?), it’s nastily sweet!
One of their signature cocktails also caught my attention with its elegant name 2. The story of E. It was sweet but quickly intoxicating served with pomegranate, the only war I have to settle with @CrepawayNigeria on this cocktail is that it looked significantly different from what I saw on the menu- the colour to be specific. The waiter explained that the images were edited (which made sense but e still pain me) -almost made me feel like I was making a Jumia order (What I ordered vs what I got) but my opinion changed after a sip, IT IS LOVELY!.
Now, 3.Margarita happens to be my third fav cocktail in general but I didn’t like the iced margarita from Crepaway, I just didn’t get the taste, it was just there, all I felt on my tongue were ice and alcohol, nothing distinct! Maybe I should have just asked for a classic Margarita but…we move ✊🏽.


The Ambience

Crepaway is a contemporary restaurant  with a relaxing, cozy and serene environment. It’s great for casual dining, with friends and the aesthetics is elegant and modern. 

Overall, I had a great time with my friends, and will definitely visit again and try out more dishes.

Rating: 7.5/10 (Intriguing)

Have you been to Crepaway Nigeria, what cocktail did you have? Hope your experience was great.

Laterzz guys, I’ll be in the comments.




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