The Patio Restaurant Review

Located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. The Patio is an all inclusive restaurant, be you on the lookout for an outdoor lounge, fine dining, chill spot….Whatever needs you may have, it’s got it all fitted into it’s surreal packaging.

On the day I visited, Leboo and I were the only guests for a couple of hours which was good … and kinda bad, on our end it was great because we had so much fun and space to fool around without a care in the world but on the down side, it seems most people perceive the Patio as more for a late evening Lekki chill spot, which is a big bias because their indoor restaurant is a lovely space during the day (yes in bright-bright sunlight)!

Now let’s get down to business!


The Ambience

Florid, florid, florid. I really love how they made very good use of the space, with beautiful artificial flowers all round. The setup is quite fancy but not overly embellished which is great as it’s not girly or too feminine, it’s just right. There are also swings and working Foosball table which makes it the perfect fit for group hangouts as the activities would keep the mood up (definitely with drinks at hand).

The Drinks

We had Sweet Passion and Long Island, the long island had quite a kick and was ice-cold, just lovely. For the sweet passion, I think it was just regular, not intriguing for me. Their drinks can also be better presented, I didn’t notice any stand out in their drink presentation which made it quite a bore because cocktails for me are like a mystery to uncover but it didn’t feel this way at The Patio.

IMG_2350 (1)
IMG_2344 (1)

The Food

So I decided to do something unusual at The Patio. I tried out a local dish as a Nigerian that I am, I ordered my favourite soup, Ogbonno soup served with chicken and poundo. The soup was so good, so rich, so succulent, so delicious… Guys, I’m still dazed. At some point, I had to loosen my jeans at the waist level because I stuffed myself silly. It was just perfect guys, I would visit them again to have the same meal and even ask the Chef what he or she does different. Their ogbonno soup is outstanding, I kid you not!!!!!!!! 
On the other hand, my partner in crime had Paella, it’s a Spanish rice dish originally from Valencia, and is one of the best known Spanish dishes, so our expectations were quite high however they didn’t deliver on this. The meal tasted basic, the only reason we finished the meal was because we did pay for it. It also tasted oily and not too flavourful. Let’s not forget the piece of fried fish slapped on and looked so out of place at the edge of the dish.
I’ll also give The Patio, a 4/10 when it comes to plating, the meal quantities per plate is solid but I feel they can better present their food, a lot of improvement needs to be done in that area as they are not an eatery but a restaurant in Lagos.

Overall, I had a nice time, because of the EXPERIENCE. The staff were cool but didn’t seem professionally trained, I’m not too impressed with the management honestly, I feel the place is the bomb and they need to bring it up to standards as well as publicise it more. Anyways, guys, enough of my blabs! Have you been here before? What was your experience like at The Patio?







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