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Hola, Hola, how have my lovelies been?

Lagos has been a real mess with the shooting of Peaceful protesters at the Lekki Ikoyi Tollgate, Lagos. May the souls of all the departed rest in peace. The ridiculous looting and the unrest situation was just unhealthy, however we always find a way to smile regardless. Let’s get to the review to raise our spirits now shall we?

Flowershop Cafe! The first thing that came to my mind after hearing the name of this Cafe was flowers and yes, they do have beautiful flowers, a whole lot of em’.

Situated at Victoria Island, Lagos. Flowershop Cafe is right along Akin Adesola street- I actually drove past it on my first few attempts. For a restaurant by the road, you would expect sub-par parking but guys, they have a good enough space and it’s properly managed with their Valet services. They pop out of nowhere, whisk your keys and begin floating easily around while they help park or repark your car… posh!

The Ambience: Normally I begin with reviewing the food, because well, I’m a proud foodie (wink) but the ambience at Flowershop Cafe is really homely, it just makes you feel goood. The aesthetics are calm and earthly, hugely pleasing to the eyes. The outdoor area is my fav, they did a great job at making it just right such that even when it’s sunny you can still sit there and have a great time with the fans swivelling at a cool spin and still getting the light kiss of the smooth air conditioning. Did I forget to mention, the metal sculpture of Wole Soyinka, MAD O……..loved it! I held myself long enough but eventually it burst out. I had to take a tour with Leboo to the flowers section and I couldn’t get my eyes off their cactuses… sooo pretty.


The Food: The meals looked amazing, but the best part was that they tasted even better. From the complimentary bread to the French toast and burittos we ordered, just lovely! I’d recommend their French toast anytime, it’s for the moments when you just want to eat a sweet meal without a DIET care in the world. The bread tasted like a roasted cake (if I can put it that way), not too sweet, just right. It was served with honey, fresh fruits, and whipped citrus mascarpone. The brioche French toast was it guys, I’m definitely having it again and again and again 🙂
The burritos were served with a side of tomato sauce and another of avocado, it tasted healthy, but freshly delicious.

We had just water so I won’t be reviewing their drinks menu. It was pretty early and I felt I just needed a clean wash-down. The staff are very welcoming and polite, they go the extra mile to please their customers.

Overall I had an amazing time and brunch, will definitely recommend 1 million times over!

Here’s a link to their menu, if you would like to visit. They have a quite a diverse menu but a fair budget for two is N20,000 to N30,000. 

Rating: 9.2/10

Have you been to Flowershop Cafe? What was your experience like?

Let’s gist in the comments 🙂



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