The Junction Restaurant Lekki

Enjoy Igbo Traditional Delicacies in Lekki

Fellow enjoyment ministers, not every day is meant for fine dining and pasta. Give yourself a break and go for a treat at a spot that sells authentic Nigerian meals. We gave ourselves a treat at The Junction Restaurant, Lekki, trust us to spill the beans. 

The Junction restaurant is a cozy spot for authentic Nigerian meals. It is home to Igbo traditional delicacies in Lekki Phase 1. The aesthetics of this restaurant is minimal, with a touch of ratan decor, the space stands out with its unique ambiance. 

The Junction restaurant lekki
The Junction restaurant lekki

They had a variety of Nigerian dishes on their menu, but we settled for Abacha and Dried Catfish, Nkowbi, and Palm Wine.

  • Abacha and Dried Catfish: It tasted as it should; the portion was great (could serve two people); although the fish was too dried, it didn’t really complement the Abacha. We would have opted for titus fish, but we wanted to try something different. Note that adding protein incurs an additional cost. 
  •  Nkowbi: This was the game changer; the cow leg was deboned, so we enjoyed the gender meat without any hassle. It was perfectly spiced and seasoned, making it the best part of our meal. 
  •  Palmwine : We opted for fresh and chilled  palmwine to complement our meals. It was such a delightful experience.
Restaurants in lekki
The Junction restaurant lekki

We were not too satisfied with the customer service, as our meals took longer than expected, but the wait was worth it. 

Nonetheless, We would definitely return to The Junction Restaurant Lekki for that nkwobi and we totally recommend it! 

The meals were quite affordable, and a budget of 10k–15k per head should do.

Total Cost: N17,000
  • Abacha- N5,000
  • Dried Catfish-N3,000
  • Nkwobi-N5,000
  • Palmwine (1 litre)- N3,500
  • Water-N500

View the restaurant menu here: THE JUNCTION RESTAURANT MENU

📍 23 Adebayo Doherty, Lekki Phase 1


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