SLoW Lagos: A tropical-themed restaurant in Lagos

Have you ever visited a tropical-themed restaurant?

There is a tropical-themed restaurant in Lagos, and instead of the normal dinner or lunch date experience, we decided to stop by for a breakfast experience.

Slow Lagos; Tropical Themed Restaurant in Lagos
Tropical Themed Restaurant in Lagos

Slow Lagos is a tropical-themed fine dining restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos, and we loved how they infused nature (natural plants and flowers) into this restaurant; it felt like dining in the garden of Eden. We liked how unique yet classy the space looked.

Slow Lagos
Tropical Themed Restaurant in Lagos

Let’s move on to the food because, at some point, we can’t eat aesthetics. On to the food and dining experience.

Since we opted for having breakfast, we didn’t go beyond that. These are what we tried out.

  • Blueberry Waffles: They were crisp, but for the quantity, I think they should have made them a stack, made the ice cream topping compulsory, and probably increased the price.
  • Royal Scrambled eggs and Salmon Tacos; the tacos were juicy and happened to be the highlight dish, even though I’ve come to the conclusion that Salmons tastes better when they are cooked (In my point of view)
  • Croissant Basket: We weren’t pleased with this particular one; we expected more croissants but got baguettes instead. However, the homemade jam paired with it was perfect. I would have preferred it with the blueberry jam, though.
  • Latte and Cappuccino both tasted nice 
  • Sparkling water
Tropical Themed Restaurant

Blueberry Waffles

Tropical Themed Restaurant i Lagos

Royal Scrambled eggs and Salmon Tacos

Slow Lagos
Tropical Themed Restaurant in Lagos

Croissant Basket

Latte and Cappuccino

Total Cost
  • Blueberry Waffles: 8,400
  • Royal scrambled eggs and Salmon Tacos; 10,000
  • Croissant Basket: 15,200
  • Latte and Cappuccino: 3,000 each
  • Sparkling water: 2,000

Budget per head: N30,000–N50,000

You can view the restaurant menu here: SLoW MENU

Slow Lagos

We rated Slow Lagos 7 out of 10. Find out why here.

If you’ve ever thought of visiting a tropical-themed restaurant in Lagos or if you’re looking to splurge and enjoy quality service, Slow Lagos is definitely worth considering. Visit Slow Lagos for an exceptional tropical-themed dining experience. 

📍 2 Musa Yar’Adua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos   


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