Naija-Mexican restaurant in Lagos

Where to find Mexican-standard Tacos in Lagos

El Padrino is a Naija-Mexican restaurant in Lagos, This particular restaurant is known for making nice Mexican dishes, especially tacos, but our experience during the Master Card restaurant week went south. This is because we didn’t find tacos on the restaurant week menu. 

On a regular day, El Padrino is our go-to spot for authentic tacos, which is their specialty as it is a Mexican restaurant in Lagos, which we totally recommend.

Cheap eats in VI
Mexican restaurant in Lagos
We got to try out:
  • Elote: This was the only starter on their menu. It  was literally sweet corn coated with mayonnaise, suya pepper, and  scent leaf. We wouldn’t recommend this for those who aren’t familiar with Mexican dishes. 
  • Ensalada; The waitstaff recommended this dish, saying it was  similar to tacos since there was no option for tacos on their Mastercard restaurant week  menu. Honestly, this was totally far from tacos; it was more like a salad (we would have gotten a hint from the name, 😣). He gave us options for protein to choose from. We chose sweet pork and goat meat. This meal had a lot of obstacles, but you’d only enjoy it if you like trying out new dishes or if  you’re familiar with Mexican dishes.  
  • For the drinks we had, Aqua de Jamaica: It was actually Zobo, and it tasted just okay. Not too sugary


Since it was Mastercard restaurant week, Elpadrino was under the savvy dining restaurants- N8,000 for a two-course meal. 

Mexican restaurant in Lagos
Mexican restaurant in Lagos
Total spend;
  • Ensalda and Elotes : N8,000 (no tax)
  • Agua de Jamaica (Cup); 1,100 (tax N237.50)


You can view the restaurant menu here: ELPADRINO MENU

📍256 Etim Iyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos



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