Restaurant Review of Indigo Abuja- Maitama

Hi explorers, it’s been a minute here. Your favourite chief enjoyment officer has been flexing in Abuja and eating out up and down 😅

I made a stop at 11 restaurants during my stay and I’ll be giving you all a summary of how it went and I’ll be starting with Indigo Restaurant Abuja, located at 31 Gana Street Maitama Abuja.


My visit to Indigo Abuja was a pleasant one.
Firstly I have to commend the space, it’s quite diverse and it’s the biggest restaurant I visited in Abuja when it comes to space as it has an indoor restaurant and outdoor restaurant.

So I dined with my dates here, we had:
– Ceaser Salad
– Chicken fried rice
– Burger with Chips
– Tequila Sunrise
– Flaming shots
– Kiss me quick

My highlight was the burger as it was like a vegetarian burger but so so juicy. The bun was soft and melted well in my mouth. Portion wise I raised a brow on the chips but it was well fried.
The Caesar salad was a highlight for some of my tasters but didn’t impress my own tastebuds for reasons I can’t pinpoint but they kept praising it. In other words one man’s good food is another
man’s least favourite. The chicken fried rice was rich,and I liked it, tasted just fine.

For the drinks, the flaming shots was a mix of Baileys and chocolate which was a deviation from the flaming shots I’m used to (I’m not a drunk o) but it was a nice combo and tasted ok.

The kiss me quick kissed me well, I liked it too but the tequila sunrise is the all round winner for me- it was perfect!

It’s definitely a spot I’ll visit again and maybe try out their Indian food this time.

Abuja people- enjoy for now, once I’m back in the Maitama city I’ll be hitting you all up.

UntIl then,


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