Planning a Picnic date in Lagos Nigeria

Picnics are all fun in the head and in pictures but planning it then becomes a nightmare😅. If you reside in Lagos then you have more issues to note because finding a good and affordable picnic location is like finding a yoruba man that doesn’t cheat 😅- you know I’m kidding right!

When planning a picnic, I’ll highly recommend working with a checklist so you do not forget items or miss out on anything. I’ll be dropping some gems on planning a picnic as a fellow Lagosian;


If there was a word like “Important” with an extra ‘er” then this is the right scenario for that word. For a nice picnic, a location that naturally helps you create the right atmosphere is needed. Top picnic places are usually parks, waterfront or urban spaces.
There are a couple of parks in Lagos like Freedom Park, Lufasi Park, Muri Okunola Park, Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park, Ndubisi Kanu Park and much more. During my picnic however I picked the Lufasi Park and apart from it being really affordable, I truly loved how my content came out! Gorgeousssss
Entry Fee to Lufasi Park is N1,000. Lufasi Park is farther than Novare Mall on the island, about 20 – 30 minutes or less if driving and the road is Traffic free.


 ‘the premium life chose me’ (hello) so the last thing I wanted to do is stress myself over packing a good picnic lunch. I decided to go with a cheese and fruit board courtesy of @boardsbymegan. I am honestly tired of jollof rice and anything that involves stress so I chose to relax and be “TAKEN KAIROFF”. I also had some yummy baked goods from @TillasKitchen– chocolate chip banana bread and some cookies, totally loved it.

I dived into the boards almost literally; the fruits were fresh fresh…as in FRESH FRESH! And the board was popping with colours that could make a peacock jealous. The cheese board had savoury cheese varieties which paired quite well with my wine. I’m learning more about cheese and I like it 😉


I’m a wine baby and well I’m not yet on Forbes so I had a tasty and affordable wine @Declanwine. I had white wine, red wine, sweet red and some champagne! Was a great pairing for my cheeseboards.


Please and please, check your weather forecast ahead of and on the day of your picnic because the last thing you would want is having to sing “rain rain go away” after setting up for your picnic. 


I’ll recommend a white silky blanket if you want it to pop and well if your outfit, meals and drinks are colourful. Otherwise a checkered blanket works good.

As a bonus tip, please create a checklist so you don’t forget to pack the right items.

Until I write again.



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