Date Night at Quid by DeBrit Lagos

What really is fine dining? This has been going through my head since my visit to Quid by DeBrit.

Visited 4 restaurants last weekend and this is the only experience worth remembering honestly, I’m still enthralled by it!

The space:
Quid by DeBrit did not come to play when it boils down to aesthetics, the space is so lovely and what’s even super cool is the fact that there’s a different theme for every floor. The ground floor is for romantic lovebirds like me 😌😜🤪 who want a dinner with that special one!
The 1st floor is perfect for more casual hangouts with friends or enemies and the 2nd floor is for Fridays….. shoooo getttttt, drinks and vibes- Parte after parte things.

The food:
Normally when the restaurant space is all perfect, the food becomes the issue but this wasn’t the case. I loved the Spaghetti Rimini, it was on point. The darling waiter who attended to us asked if I wanted some spice and that was just the icing on the cake. How do I describe this taste now 🤤🤤, the prawns were well seasoned and lathered with a sauce. It was foodgasmic 🤤🤤🤤…. Thank God we have pasta 😅
Now onto the steak 🥩, it was tasty but average and didn’t blow my mind. It was also a bit dry and could have been much juicier, but I liked the fried rice and the sauce was fair.
The wines we had was a good pairing. The white wine was perfect for my pasta👌 and the red wine tasted 👀👀👀 ok for the steak.

The Staff:
The waiters that attended to us (interestingly we were attended to by 2 people) were helpful, friendly and had a good knowledge of the menu. Even the other staff I met while doing my blogger things (snapping of course 😁) were professional and polite.

Overall I had a fantastic time, definitely a spot I’ll visit again and again. A delightful experience. For me I think fine dining revolves around the experience we get from these restaurants and the ground floor at Quid by De Brit equals it for me.

Ever visited this restaurant? If no when are you visiting 😊


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