Bella takes on The Observatory

New spot on the block and I’ve had my eyes here for some time. A summary of my visit would be “Underwhelming”

The Space: Firstly I got there by 3:30pm and had to wait till 4pm as that’s when they open, understandable as I could’ve done my research. The space is pretty and florid, very cool for drinks and chills!
To be honest it was smaller than I expected and not private, tables were legit facing each other.

The Drinks: As I couldn’t have the food because they had a kitchen problem and almost everything on their menu was unavailable (my first time ever experiencing this), I decided to try out their drinks and not just leave so I had the “Blue Sea” (was not on their menu- the waiter explained that it was a special that was being worked on), for this drink I’ll give a 6/10. I could taste the Jack Daniels in it and it had quite an attractive look, the alcohol was also not pungent which was good. The drink presentation and quantity was not exciting. I also had the “Old Fashioned” this cocktail was below average for me, all I tasted was the hard whisky 🥃, nothing else.

Extra gist: Both drinks cost N5000 each, total spent was N10,700 with VAT. The waiter also seemed dubious, gave me a receipt for one saying there was an error but I insisted to do a POS payment and got debited for the right amount (he charged my card twice, weird). Also getting the waiters attention was quite difficult, a lot of waiters were around but they didn’t seem attentive. I was also charged 5k for a drink that costs N4k according to the menu and the waiter explained that there was a price change. I honestly think The Observatory is big enough to have a digital menu cause I didn’t get the discrepancy in the menu price and billing.

Once again, the drink presentation was MEH….

Have you been here? What was your experience like?


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