Restaurant Review- Circa Non Pareil!


Panache, class, luxury… These are the three words that buzz in my brain anytime I drive past the Colosseum-like Circa Non Pareil.

Normally I go on detective mode when searching for a restaurant but because of the swamped week, I was quite indecisive. All I knew was I had a budget and I wanted a classy and romantic dinner.

A night before, I remembered a colleague of mine (Oluwaseun) commended Circa’s space, This nudged my curiosity and I gave in, I just had to have a quick look at their IG page and boy was I won over!

The beautiful thing about Circa Non Pareil is it’s very different and diverse sections (A Private restaurant, a lounge, a rooftop and a terrace restaurant). Circa Non Pareil’s terrace overlooks the beautiful lagoon facing the Lekki- Ikoyi Bridge and the sunsets can truly be breathtaking, The restaurant is a lovely space with just the right ambience for a romantic dinner. Sadly the rooftop and lounge were sealed and under renovation during my visit so a baby girl couldn’t find her way up there, would review it at a much late time.

Now, let’s dive in:

Drinks: I had a glass of Bellini, the classic champagne with blue berries while Leboo had Wood eye cocktail. There’s something about the champagne, it was inevitably sweet and sparking. The bubbles were like shooting stars, whirling and spiraling upwards (LOL, I dey over yarn bah). But really, I’m a sucker for cocktails and guys, this glass of champagne is the truth! Woodeye cocktail just grows on you mehn, as usual I stole a quick sip from Leboo to savour and all I can say is that Circa Non Pareil’s bartender is doing the lord’s work! Both drinks cost N10,000 and were totally worth it.

Food: O Boy! They deserve an accolade on this. The menu is exotic, and mouth watering to say the least. They have everything from gold plated steak cuts, shrimp-based dishes, chicken-based dishes and an array of smaller starters. We had their Tagliatelli Bianco and The Biggie Burger on their menu. The pasta was creamy with very little spice (just right) filled with shrimps and parmesan cheese, if you are a lover of Alfredo pasta then this should be your go to dish when you visit! Now, let’s get on to the burger, sumptous and filling, perfecto! Honestly I think they have a great standard when it comes to the meals, just exquisite! You can check out their menu here.

Ambience: Now Circa has 4 restaurants Lol, but I’ll talk about the ambience at Prive! The setting is contemporary with soft lighting to give a romantic feel, it has a pleasant, and soothing ambience. The setup is obviously classy and spacious, just right for a dinner date with bae or an executive officer dinner (group of 5, etc.).

Overall we had a swell time and enjoyed our meals. A budget for two is N35,000 – N50,000 for a general but quality experience (it goes way higher for more value).

P.S They charge a 10% VAT (Valet parking charges not included in this).

Rating: Luxury value, 8.5/10.

Have you been to Circa Non Pareil? What was your experience like? I’ll be in the comments.




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