MyYa’s Cafe review, Lekki Phase 1.

If wishes were horses, I would just live and eat every breakfast from MyYa’s Cafe, Lagos. Lol but really guys, MyYa’s Cafe is legit one of the best and affordable breakfast spots on Lagos Island. Interestingly, I originally didn’t plan to eat in at MyYa’s, I had been to 3 restaurants on that fateful morning and they all didn’t suit my taste. I then did a quick Google search for “Restaurants near Me” and Voila there it was, MyYa’s Cafe. After checking out some reviews, we decided to go for it and boy were we glad we did!

Aesthetics & Ambience: I love love love the aesthetics at MyYa’s cafe, it’s beauty to the eyes. Very charming, classy and elegant, the setup is truly lovely. Being a small but private Cafe at Lekki Phase 1, they did a great job and giving it a minimalist but luxurious look.

Food: Before talking about how tasty their meals are, let’s talk about affordability! I’m shook, their menu is so affordable for the experience. I had waffles and grilled chicken, with banana and nutella topping and a mug of Mocha while LeBoo had a club sandwich with a mug of hot chocolate all for 💳N,7070. My Waffle tasted so rich and scrumptious, it was also very filling!

Drinks: Coffee is a hug in a mug, the mocha was perfect! Their hot chocolate also tasted creamy, a must have.

I’m so in love with Myya’s cafe and hooked! This is a breakfast spot I’ll recommend to any one at any point in time. You get great customer service and good food, all at an affordable price. The Cafe also has a lot of games to keep you busy like Chess, Monopoly etc. If you would like to have a breakfast brunch with your buddies, MyYa’s Cafe is your go to.

Overall, I’ll give a 8/10. Value for money! They won my heart right after my first bite of waffles and like I said, I’m hooked ♥️.




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