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Rolling Grills and Barbeque: Review

Eating well on the island doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet, especially in this economy. There are spots where you can find a decent meal for an affordable price. We’ve been on a hunt for cheap food in Lagos, especially on the island. With the way things are going in the economy, finding food at reasonable prices on the island is a win, and we are always here to spill the beans! On this quest, we found Rolling Grills and Barbeque, an outdoor dining spot, where you can get cheap eats in Ikoyi.

First off, hats off to them for making the space look nice. Imagine turning a grill spot into a convenient dine-out area. E is for effort.

cheap eats in Ikoyi

Food time!! They had other meals on their menu aside from the regular grills. We tried out their

  • Chicken shawarma: This shawarma was really good! It stole the show, and we really enjoyed it.
  • Asun shawarma: It was also nice, but the chicken shawarma was our favourite, and the asun part of the shawarma was quite fatty.
  • RGB’s Fully Loaded Noodle: This noodle was indeed fully loaded! They didn’t hold back on the shrimp, sausages, chicken, or even tomatoes while preparing the noodles. We’d rate it a 7 out of 10. It was nice and well packaged.

Eating here was fun as the spot was breezy, and to sum it up, the waiter who attended to us was friendly and responsive.

rolling grills and bbq
Overall spend
  • Chicken Shawarma: 3,000
  • Asun Shawarma: 3,000
  • RGB’s Fully Loaded Noodles: 4,000

Generally, this was a decent visit. If you’re after cheap eats in Ikoyi, look no further!

The budget varies from N4,000 to N7,000 per head, depending on your order

You can view the restaurant here: ROLLING BBQ MENU

📍Rolling BBQ, Falomo Square Mall, 1 Alfred Rewane Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos

Contact: 0817 946 3403


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