Quays Lagos; Restaurant in Lekki, Lagos

Is this the most instagrammable restaurant in Lekki?

We’ve found another instagrammable restaurant in Lekki with delicious meals, and that’s literally the best combo.  

Quays, pronounced “Keys,” is a restaurant in Lekki, Lagos, that has won the hearts of Lagosians. It is an indoor restaurant and also has a terrace, which is best for a nighttime chillout. 

Restaurant in Lekki
Restaurant and Lounge in Lekki

Quays Restaurant has a nice ambience; it is cosy and spacious, Let’s just  say it’s simple but elegant. It’s perfect for date nights, birthday dinners, and other intimate events. 

It also had a butchery downstairs but we didn’t get to check it out

Let’s get the main gist about the food

Restaurant in Lekki
Restaurant in Lekki

We had Smoked Guinea Fowl Pasta and Stuffed Tiger Prawn—both meals were perfectly made and deserve a chef’s kiss.

 I’ve had creamy pasta before, but when paired with smoked Guinea fowl, it’s a match made in heaven. I’m not much of a seafood lover, but my food partner definitely enjoyed it and had a feast.

One thing I love about Quays Restaurant is that the meals are served in an appropriate portion, so it’s definitely good value for money here. 

This is a must-visit restaurant in Lekki, especially if you’re a lover of good food and also want to take nice pictures for the gram. This spot has too many options for that purpose

Restaurant and Lounge in Lekki

For drinks, we had Blue Bird and a special cocktail served in a skull cup. 

The innocent looking Blue Bird wasn’t close to what it’s called; it got my partner tipsy, and the special cocktail was nicely mixed. It was not so sugary. I’ll give it a 7.5 over 10.

We had a good experience at Quays Restaurant Lekki, and it’s definitely an 8/10 spot! I highly recommend. Watch reels here

Budget Per head: 20k upwards

Address: 3A Tokunbo Omisore Street, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos.

Restaurant in Lekki
Restaurant in Lekki
Restaurant and Lounge in Lekki
Restaurant in Lekki


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