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We heard about a cafe making waves in town, and we decided to check them out.  Pause Cafe and Espresso Bar is a cute cafe in Lekki Phase 1. This spot works well as a coffee shop and also a work space, and it is also very instagrammable. We’ll definitely return for that purpose 😉

coffee shop
pause café

Pause is more likely a breakfast or brunch spot, and we went for breakfast.  

During our visit, we had:
  • Waffles with chocolate toppings: opting for breakfast, I chose waffles, which are my go-to when pancakes are not available; however, what I received was more desert-like. It tasted good (7/10) but I believe there should be room for improvement in the menu clarity and also with communication between the waitstaff and clients. 
  • BBQ Pizza; This particular pizza had a unique shape; well, pizza is pizza no matter the shape. The crust was crunchy, and the BBQ was well balanced. We enjoyed the pizza, giving it a 7/10 
  • Croissant: The croissant was crispy and flaky, but we were surprised to see it priced at N2,500, first  in the history of Lagos Cafes. We opted for the plain croissants that go for N1,500, and it was quite alright. The chocolate-filled croissant felt a bit like “rough play” for that amount.
  • Lemonade and Americano: they tasted as expected, and we had no complaints. 
coffee shop

Our overall experience was nice, and we believe Pause Café has yummy stuff on their menu. Though the N2,500 chocolate croissant raised an eyebrow, otherwise the prices were decent. We intend on visiting again to explore more items on their menu. 

Total cost (Current price)
  • Waffles; N9,500
  • BBQ Pizza: N8,600
  • Plain Croissant N2,500 
  • Lemonade: N4,500
  • Americano: 

Budget: N15,000-N25,000 per head

You can view the restaurant menu here: PAUSE CAFE MENU 

📍 The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki Lagos.


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