Moonshine Cafe- New restaurant in Lekki

These days my taste palate is becoming expensive, I need to match it with funds in my account 😉.

Anyways, a baby girl woke up last Sunday and decided she wanted to eat out (as there were small coins in her pocket). She picked up Lee boo (the reverse happened) and treated him to brunch at Moonshine Cafe Lekki Phase 1 😉😉

Firstly I have to applaud Restaurants that bring on their A game when it comes to making a spot pretty, have diverse sections and aesthetics. At Moonshine Cafe, there’s a patio, a cafe on the ground floor and the design on the first floor gives this lounge like feeling.

The space:
A beautiful space I must say! With contemporary, florid and artsy aesthetics…..impressive.

The food:
During my visit we had the American breakfast (comes with vanilla milkshake), sardine bread with scrambled eggs, and a Large latte. The waffles 🧇 were just OK (average)- could have been more buttery and milky. Lee boo had the full meal and in his words (the 🍯 saved the waffles), the bacon and sausages tasted as they should and the scrambled eggs were well cooked
The sardine bread was a MISS, I think the portions were too big for N1,500 and I’d have preferred if the quality of the bread was more and quantity less. The bread was lacking in flavours… I’d rather have Agege bread and Sardine really.

The drinks: I didn’t understand the milkshake taste but I’m naturally not a milkshake fan so maybe you would enjoy it. I’m a coffee lover but I didn’t enjoy my latte, I found it weird that I had to request for sugar and it was served in a little saucer….
My latte was also not served the way I would have liked and for the taste of that latte I’m still out of words to describe it but it’s the first cup of coffee ☕️ I could not finish (made history).

Beautiful spot, I’m still going to give them a second chance later in the future as they have quite a diverse menu and I don’t want to judge only from a brunch perspective.
Would I visit again, yes! But for now the food has not won my heart.

Extra gist 😉
-30 minutes into my meal I was asked if I wanted butter for my bread 🙄 (auntie, where were you since?)
-Their prices are VAT inclusive, with the current Nigerian economy I find this pretty cool.


The service was fair, the waiters can pay more attention and the management can be more friendly by checking more on customers to ensure all is perfect (going the extra mile is the icing on the cake)


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