Had a pitstop at Pitstop Lagos

Had a Pitstop at Pitstop Lagos, see what I did there 😁 ? Alright Review time it is! 

The space: For a themed restaurant, they deserve a chilled drink! They are doing well. The space is charming, spelling out a cycling fitness with its unique aesthetics which I doubt it would be replicated by copycats anytime soon. I really love the privacy and relaxing ambience this space offers. It’s not everyday we get to see an instagram worthy restaurant that legit makes sense!

The food: We had steak and mushroom pie served with potatoes and vegetables (this combo is just delicious), the steak and mushroom pie was brothy and juicy- my partner in crime fell in love with this and kept complimenting the combo. If you are into continental dishes you’ll definitely want to try this, but if you aren’t, please try out their jollof rice or something else, don’t say Bella asked you to go and buy foreign concoction, I’m proudly Nigerian 🤪. We also had the cheese burger 🍔 packed with bacon, pickles, a nice Pitstop sauce and ofcourse…..cheese 😁 (see what I did?) 🍔 served with triple cooked fries and ketchup. The burger wasn’t huge but what I’ll describe it as would be ‘rich, tasty and packing a juicy punch!’ The fries were regular but well made and crispy.

The Drink: I had the El De Ablo, interesting name and drink, I have no complaints whatsoever, it just hit right. I also love that the alcohol wasn’t too strong and the passion fruit was on point!

Special shoutout to the friendly manager who took a picture of Leboo and I, merci!

Overall, I had a fantastic time, it was all chills and vibes, ambience on point, solid solid solid! I’ll rate them an 8.9/10. Efemenna and Opeyemi famakin approved this spot and boy am I glad I followed their recommendation!




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  1. Your blog looks so nice and organized🤩✨. God when for me to visit restaurants like this ohh🤲🏾🤲🏾

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