African delicacies at Yellow Chilli, VI

Enjoyment and I are in an entanglement this December, I must chop life!

Anyways, I’ll dive right into the review. When visiting a restaurant, I’m always looking to explore intercontinental meals (You know…prepping for the Abroad), but sometimes that Naija craving just sets in. I’ve actually been to Yellow Chilli thrice in the past, so trust me when I say… I KNOW their menu 😉.

The food: We had Isi-ewu (goat head), an eastern -Igbo delicacy, the beef 🥩 was very well cooked and seasoned up, not spicy but had that deep African taste, I really love the fact that it’s served with plantain. As a lover of hot meals, the traditional plate was just perfect, kept it hot on the low. We also had the Oha Soup and Poundo, please if you haven’t tasted Oha Soup, put some respect to my name 😂🤣, it’s a light soup and is very healthy because of the greens, the soup was tasty and the poundo was just so smooth, like it was done in a mortar and pestle (please again if you haven’t pounded yam 🍠 the local way, put some respect to my name 😅). Overall guys they deserve some accolades when it comes to African cuisines.

The Drink: I had water and noticed most times I visit Yellow Chilli I go with water or soft drinks (I mean, you can’t mix poundo and cocktails- it’s disrespect to the culture 🤨).

The Space: On this, I have a score to settle with Yellow, their setup is too coded and I couldn’t get amazing shots 🤪, I mean, I understand that the setting is supposed to be soft and cozy but abeg I prefer better lighting 💡. Visited in the hot afternoon and it was still dark ☹️.

Overall, I had a great time, as usual 😁.

Rating: 8/10 (African restaurant)
💳: N5,750 (Isi-ewu)
N3,150 (Oha soup & poundo)
N1,000 (Jollof and plantain)


Have you visited this restaurant? What did you have?


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