Restaurant Review- La Taverna Lagos

Thinking of visiting Latin America or Spain and don’t have the cash yet? We’ll start out small with La Taverna Lagos, 😜, you’ll basically get that sweet romantic vibe here in Lagos!

The Space: During my visit, I had an amazing time! I loved the soft music in the background, it was just so relaxing and janded, lol. The staff were very nice and professional, unlike what we get to experience in many restaurants, they were genuinely interested in serving and giving a memorable time. The head chef (a very fun, burley figure) was very polite and helped recommend the best wine for the pastas we had which happened to be white, he also gave us some insights as to why the restaurant was themed and what they represent.

The Food: We had Prawn Raviolli and honestly it tasted average. The Nigerian in me would have loved it to be more spicy, the sauce is quite tomatoes based. It was just there in my opinion, came and went, and it was a smaller portion (in comparison with the lasagna). The prawns tasted ok, but I felt a lot more could’ve been done on the seasoning, I mean it was 🍤, and prawns should taste lovely! We also had Lasagna bolognese, I loved this, as in loved!!!! It felt like eating a juicy piece of the cloud ☁️, just lovely, funny enough it wasn’t my dish but my date’s. I ate over 50% 😌😌, now I know what to order during my next visit. Did I forget to mention that they are generous with their portioning? A plate of this yummy goodness and a glass of white wine 🥂 for N4500, yes you read that right! The cheese, the deep flavoring in the Bolognese sauce, the pasta had just the right texture, wasn’t too soft, just right and the best part was that it stayed hot! I’m a sucker for hot meals!

The Drinks: We had white wine which was a perfect pairing for the pastas we had, tasted like royalty.

Anyways it was Pasta Thursday so a baby girl enjoyed this with a glass of white wine for N4,500!

PS: I was there quite early and didn’t meet a crowd, noticed a lot of people coming in after I left. You might want to be there on time if you’d want a semi-private dining experience.or some reason (maybe my village ppl).

Have you been to LaTaverna Lagos, what was your experience like?



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