Scoop’d Nigeria- is the Icecream worth tasting?

Did the icecream bang well this time? Or not? 🤷🏾‍♀️
If you follow my Instagram then I’m sure you all have been expecting this gist, well here it is 😉

So Scoop’d Nigeria reached out and asked me to visit and taste their ice creams again which I did 😌. To start with, my first encounter was at their Yaba outlet and they assured that I could visit any outlet so I picked the convenient spot at Victoria island (doubt I’ll ever go back to that Yaba outlet). During my visit I had a taste of all their icecream flavours, they were very polite, advised on the flavours that go well together and I picked my top two to dig in (interestingly they were actually new on the menu – Blueberry Froyo and Organic hazelnut). The hazelnut was just lovely, I even chewed on some bits of the 🫐 in the froyo…..Impressive.

Verdict: OMO the icecream flavours were quite a good pair. They tasted much better than the ones I had during my first visit (I discovered the pairs selected at Yaba were incompatible- and I wasn’t advised against it 🙄🙄) The texture was fine and both flavours worked perfect together (they did put their best foot forward). I was impressed by their service, and the fact that they did listen to the complaint and tried to give me a better experience which I actually got in comparison with the first.

I also had the vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce waffles 🧇. I enjoyed this, the waffles smelt good, were crisp and tasted delicious with the icecream it was paired with. We had the chicken Suya sub which hit so right guys, I loved the peri peri sauce, that one banged. My only score to settle would be the name, I didn’t taste our Nigerian Suya in that sub sandwich at all at all😩.

Lastly I tasted the soursop icecream, was smooth but didn’t truly pull in the Soursop taste I sought. Regardless it was so nice, very creamy and unique, I liked this.

Would I visit again? Most likely, whatever sauce they put in that sub sandwich would call me.

The Ice-cream gets a 6.5 score for me, I think they would evolve over time. Their new flavours are tasted and trusted guys, I enjoyed it.

Have you visited this spot? How was your experience?


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