Casual Dining in Victoria Island

Crepaway Nigeria: Our 3rd Visit to this Restaurant

 There’s this old but gold casual dining restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos. We are laying emphasis on the “old but gold” because there are loyal customers of various restaurants who would rather stick to their favorite restaurants or spots than try out new ones, and Crepaway is one on the list.

Crepaway Restaurant
Casual Dining in Victoria Island

 Crepaway is not a new restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos; they have been around for some years and are still running it like it was their first day. 

It was our third visit to Crepaway after two years, and it’s great to know that the space was well maintained over the years. Crepaway gives off contemporary vibes, and there’s a Benz parked in the restaurant. How they were able to fit a car through the door is a mystery I will one day unravel.

Click here to see how beautiful Crepaway is

We’ve seen and agreed on how pretty Crepaway is; let’s move on to the food now.

  • For starters, we had bang bang chicken and quesadillas. The chicken was flavorful, and as the name implies, it really banged. The quesadillas were different from the ones we’ve tried out (less cheesy) and already cut out, but surprisingly, they tasted so good, and we cleared up our plates.
  • Tagliatelle al Pollo and Char-grilled chicken with Jollof rice as a side:  The pasta was deliciously creamy, and the Jollof was a hit back to back (it was a solid 9/10). We somehow underestimated the Jollof and almost went for fries, but the sweet waitstaff recommended that we try it out, and we had no regrets whatsoever. Now on to the char-grilled chicken: It was well cooked but tasted a little too dry; the Jollof rice stole the limelight, so a 7/10.
Casual Dining in Victoria Island
Crepaway Restaurant

The drinks:

They really improved over the years on the drink menu. We had 

  • Naked pineapple: It was just okay, and it was a 6/10 
  •  Strawberry daiquiri: As the Lagos babe that I am, this will always be my top pick. The daiquiri was a solid 9/10. It was perfect and just how I like it—sweet with an alcohol punch.
Casual Dining in Victoria Island
Crepaway Restaurant

If you intend on visiting Crepaway, have a budget of 15k–20k in mind.

It’s highly recommended for a hangout, date, or even an intimate event, as they have areas that can be booked.
They have a children’s play area so children are welcome

Crepaway is a good option for casual dining in Victoria Island.

📍 1089b Adeola Odeku Road, Victoria Island, Lagos


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