Cozy Date at The House Lagos 

Unique and cozy date night spot in Lagos

We made a stop at one of the most unique and consistent restaurants in Lagos, called “The House”. If you’ve been looking for a cozy date night spot in VI, you just found one. 

The House is a social house that tends to blend fine dining, great music and entertainment. As the name implies, it is a “home” themed restaurant which has an outdoor dining area and different rooms including the parlour, dining room, courtyard,  the white room, etc. We had an experience of the White room and it was a splendid one. 

If you haven’t explored it yet, the White Room is literally another restaurant in “The House”, it has it’s unique and separate menu. This spot is great for dates as it is cozy and balances good food and entertainment. 

the house
cozy date night spot
During our visit, we tried out:
  • Habibi: It was similar to a kebab and tasted alright; the dip was a good pair, and it was nice.
  • Grilled Salmon: This particular meal was bursting with flavours, and the potato wedges were very good!
  • Lasgidi Steaks: This felt more like Suya, but a tush one for the rich kids.
  • Butterfly prawns: The seasoning penetrated into every part of the prawns. We enjoyed it.
  • Chivas-infused wings: a perfect blend of sweet and spicy
  • Peppered chicken wings: Everything was on point; we didn’t expect less. 

At this point, you can already tell which dishes were our star dishes. 

For drinks, we had:
  • Strawberry and watermelon Pitcher: This was a good drink to pair with our meals, and could comfortably serve 3-4 people.  
the white room
cozy date night spot

We had a great time and a good value for money experience at the White Room, and we recommend it if you want to have a cozy date night experience as this spot opens from 5pm until late, from Mondays to Sundays. Also, they have Karaoke nights occasionally, and this is another fun thing to do at the House.  

A budget of N35,000 – N50,000 per head should do. You can dm them to make a reservation here.

Whether it’s a casual date or a relaxing evening out, White Room Lagos promises not just a meal but an experience. 

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📍 4 AJ Marinho Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos



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