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Pasta Tuesday in Lagos

If you’ve not heard about  Bella by Brisk, the Pasta Night held every Tuesday at Brisk Lagos, get ready to mark your calendar after seeing this post. Brisk Lagos, is a restaurant in Ikoyi, that operates as a breakfast and brunch spot along with functioning as a bar. It is a perfect choice for brunch dates, romantic evenings, and group hangouts with friends. 

Brisk has a cozy ambience, and the right choice of music that fits the aesthetics of the space. Every Tuesday at 8pm, Brisk transforms into Bella by Brisk, offering a pasta night deal that is perfect for pasta lovers. The fact that it’s name Bella shows just how much we connect with this amazing offer.

Brisk by Bella
Brisk Lagos

What makes this offer special is the ability to create your own pasta and your mewl comes with a glass of wine. Beginning at N6,000, you can choose the ingredients that suits your taste buds, the price can vary based on add-ons like chicken. Turkey, etc and the best part is, even these extras won’t break the bank, starting from about N1,500.

The meals we had was a chef’s kiss, it was amazing and one  cool thing about the meals was that the portions were just right- our meals were not only delicious but also satisfying. 

We’re absolutely in love with this pasta night deal at Brisk Lagos as it is good value for money. If you happen to spot us there on a Tuesday evening, it’s not just a coincidence– this deal has won our hearts. 

Budget for Pasta Tuesday- N10,000-N15,000 per head

Asides from the Pasta Tuesday, Brisk by Bella has an actual menu and the budget starts from N15,000 per head. 

You can view the restaurant menu here: BRISK LAGOS MENU

📍1 Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos


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