A Few Tips on surviving the current “Work from Home” status

With all that is happening outside and with our social media saturated with news about the virus outbreak, things can get pretty overwhelming. Here is the time to unplug, disconnect, reset, recharge, and of course work towards our goals amidst all the craziness.

I hope these ideas will help you relax if you are feeling overwhelmed and give you some motivation to be a little more productive.

1. Be Organised, have work time and “ME” time

Working can be daunting, a lot of reporting and distractions. You can even get drowned in work forgetting that you need “ME” time. Working smart is much more productive than working hard, trust me on this.

Resume at work time daily and clock out at the regular closing hours, funny right?

Program your mindset to accept that work is work and work takes your time from 9am to 5pm ( with our lunch break of course), this will help you organise your tasks and executive them, hereby keeping your productivity and confidence level up. Now let’s talk about ME time.

ME Time, here is the perfect time to rest, bond with your family and friends, and push your hustle ( if you have any). Care for yourself, don’t be that nerd who is buried in work all day. CHILLLLLL as you would on a regular day after working hours.

2. Meal plan – healthy eating

Working from home means cooking a lot more and it seems never ending. Plan your main meals according to what you have at home as you may not be able to go and buy more stuff. This is the perfect opportunity to cut down on take outs, to eat healthy, to try new dishes or to make the dishes you love. However, planning is essential. You can plan your meals over the weekend as you would if the pandemic didn’t happen.

Planning your meals help you eat right and avoid unnecessary junk.

3. Skin care routine

How long has it been since you did a full pamper routine? Treat your skin with the face mask you have been postponing because you had no time. Oil your hair. Do that hair mask. Do that DIY body scrub you have been wanting to try for so long. This is the time to treat your skin if you have been putting it off because of lack of energy and time (During ME time of course).

4. Read books – The other food for your soul

Start reading if you don’t already. There are a lot of books available as free PDF downloads. There’s a saying “If you want to hide something from a Black…put it in a book! ” Please don’t be the black person being referred to here. READ, READ, READ. It widens your knowledge. I personally love reading classics and modern fiction.

This is the ideal time to start preparing yourself mentally and widen your horizon. I’ll recommend some classics here: The Girl on The Train, The Abortionist Daughter, Live By Night, David Cooperfield, Jane Eyre.

5. Family time

You might be annoyed that your children are at home and are learning via the internet. You might be thinking, how can I work when these kids are hungry all the time and distracting me?

I am not a parent so I might not be able to say much about this. All I’ll advise is: Create a schedule which is best for your family, Let the kids express themselves, be the early bird and get your priorities set for the day, set clear boundaries so your kids know when you are working and interrupt less, and give the kids their screen time.

Bring the family close. Have all meals together, watch a movie together, cook together, read to them, play games. Live in the moment Fam! Don’t panic and take out frustration or fear on them. Stay calm.

Be patient, be cautious and trust the process. We will all get through this. In the meantime, don’t create an ado and keep your energy down. Stay happy! You deserve your peace.

How are you dealing with working from home? Tell me in the comments!

Until next time.

Ciao 🙋‍♀️



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